I   am just an average twenty something Korean American girl who is happily married to my best friend, Sonsern aka Sunny. Sunny and I have dated for four years before he finally put a 💍 on it! We now live in a cute, two bedroom town home. We strive to live life authentically and generously.


The idea of sharing one's own personal life and joy with others and being able to look back on one's journey fascinated me. So, I started recording my own journey not only to share with those around me, but also to look back on my life.

To share a little bit about My SELF:

I am a seeker of joy and contentment in life. I labeled myself as a "people's person" because I incredibly value relationships.

I love to do everything artsy, including doing diy projects to taking pictures. My absolute comfort food is pho, but you can't ignore the fact that I'm KOREAN! So, I can eat Korean food, literally Every DAY.

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  1. Hi Julie!! Thank you so much for you lovely comment on my blog!
    I really appreciate it! I hope you continue to visit, I know I will be stopping by too see you ;)

    Amy xo


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