Sunday, November 8, 2015

Our Vlog

Sunny and I have decided to start a vlog of our marriage life so that we can cherish our memories forever. We have been logging our lives via photos in the past and although we loved that method, we didn't feel like it adequately described our events and memories. So we thought that vlogging it would be a "modern" way of keeping our own family albums for ourselves, families, and friends.

So... HERE is the first four vlogs that we have already published on youtube!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Warner Bros tour

For Sunny's birthday, I surprised him by getting the Warner Brothers tour tickets! It was really awesome to see his face when he received the tickets. He truly knows how to show appreciation when someone gives him a gift. I really love him for that!

So, we totally went to LA thinking that Sunny would love it more than I would, and boy was I wrong! I loved that place wayyyyyy more than he did! This studio had everything I loved! Friends, Harry Potter, and more. I got to see a mini museum of Harry Potter the movie. They had costumes, set equipments, and even the sorting hat! And of course.. I was sorted into grinffindor. (DUH!)

Sunny and I also were able to visit the famous central perks cafe. It was absolutely dreams come true. I would definitely go back again!

My moment to shine! "GRIFFINDOR!!!!!"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rock Climbing

Our friend Winnie introduced us to an amazing exercise called, R O C K C L I M B I N G.

Climbing rocks is NO JOKE. My arms were sooo sore afterwards because I was such a newb that I only used my arms. I later learned that rock climbing was all about the leg powaaaaaa.