Thursday, November 10, 2011

yum yum

For Dinner, My boyfriend and I decided to go eat at one of my favorite sushi restaurants called Sushi Imari in Costa Mesa. As always, the service was great, and food tasted awesome. But the best part was that I got to see the owner/chef of the restaurant because his testimony truly inspired me to freely give to others. The gist of his testimony goes like this:

His sushi business was not doing well, but he always had a big heart for students, so whenever he saw students come into his restaurant, he always gave them more food than they ordered. Through his loving and generous heart, one anonymous person was truly touched, so that person posted a great testimony on yelp, and through that, his sushi business boomed once again until now. Even now, he still continues to generously give to others by giving complimentary foods to his customers. And the best part is that he gives all the glory to God, and serves God with all his heart.


Miso Soup: Complimentary from the restaurant

Hot Tea: Also Complimentary

What we Ordered

My favorite Roll: the Rainbow Roll

The 3 Combo Set

Delicious Roll: Complimentary AGAIN

Plum and Green tea Ice cream: Complimentary again again


  1. Last time I was there, they refused to give us anything complimentary, and then pretended like they had no idea what we were talking about when we asked them...
    But a good story on your part! hahah


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