Thursday, December 1, 2011

YOU matter to ME

Dear Boyfriend,
I am just so thankful that  God had placed you in my life. 
I really can not imagine a better boyfriend than you. 
You are so thoughtful, kind, gentle, loving, patient, handsome, and I can just go on forever, but I won't. :)
I still can't believe that we're together, and I can't believe that YOU are with me.
Thank you.. Thank you for being with me and supporting me through out all my craziness.
I know that I have been really harsh on you due to my LSAT studying, and I also know that I have said a lot of hurtful things to you; I'm so sorry.
But thank you for still sticking through all this, and continuing to encourage me with warm hugs, and kind words. 
I especially want to thank you for helping me to focus on God, when I was lost and doubtful. 
Although people may think that you're just following me, you and I both know that you are the true leader in this relationship, and without your humility, I don't think we could have been together until this long, so thank you.
Thank you for always putting me before you, and constantly showing me God's love
I just can't thank you enough for being with me.
I'll continue to try to show my appreciation in every way possible. I like you so much!
HAPPY 10 Months Boyfriend!

Your girlfriend

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