Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012

So this year was our very first Christmas together, and because I really wanted to renew my disneyland annual pass, my boyfriend graciously agreed to get each other disneyland passes as our Christmas present to each other.
But how we were able to afford the pass was like this: We decided to save $2 a day for 100 days and buy the pass on new years eve so that we can celebrate the new years together in disneyland! BUT! My boyfriend told me that in order for me to earn my $2, I had to exercise for 15 minutes per day and as for him, he had to practice the guitar for 30 min.

So we bought two cute Christmas jars to put our money in and we did our tasks.
And FINALLY! We got to celebrate our new years yesterday at Disneyland!

Happy New Year!

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