Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I'm normally not a big fan of making new year's resolution, but for this year, my boyfriend kind of put me in a place where I had to do one thing that most people do for their new year's resolution, which is "exercising".
I have been exercising, but this time, my boyfriend actually bought me nice set of work out clothes to motivate me, which I didn't think that it would, but after trying the clothes on and seeing my tummy sticking out, I really felt motivated to work out. So, I have "allowed" him to plan out a work out plan for me so that I can become healthy and fit! what a great boyfriend he is.

It has been couple of days that I've been intensely working out, and let me tell you.. it sucks to be sore.
Wish me luck for the year of 2012!

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