Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello California!

Hello Readers! I'm back! I know.. it's been WAYY too long and I haven't updated for weeks..
I have so much to update you guys on about my trip to NY, but I feel like updating my post in a chronological order is the "right" thing to do, so I want to post about Disneyland!

I just want to share a little bit about my Disneyland date with the boyfriend that I had few nights before I left to NY.
I've always wanted to watch the fireworks, but after renewing my pass, we never got the chance to due to our busy schedules. So after nagging, and begging for a bit, my boyfriend took his precious time off of studying, (btw.. this was during his finals week) and went to Disneyland to watch the Fireworks.

And LET ME JUST TELL YOU.. I really can't express it enough how MAGICAL this place is. Yes yes it's an amusement park, and yes yes how great can floating lights be?
BUT it's really pure magic! I think my main reason for even getting a pass at Disneyland was because of the fireworks. I mean, Tinkle Bell, (human size) flying in the sky soaring through the fire works, great music that goes along with awesome fireworks. These fireworks has multiple shapes, sizes, and colors!

But anywho.. yes. It was magical.

Starting this week, I'm planning to dedicate a month or two about my New York trip. I did so much, ate so much, and walked SO MUCH that I feel like I owe it to me and my readers of FULL, DETAIL report on my trip. So Wait for it..!

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