Friday, May 11, 2012

Food Friday: Rice to Riches (NY Version)

I got to say.. This is my FAVORITE ALL TIME FAVORITE Rice pudding EVER!
This place absolutely blew my mind away. So many flavors, so many toppings!
This place is not only DELICIOUS but it has a great sense of humor!
The moment you walk in, you are surrounded by funny comments and jokes about how great this place is.
When you visit NY or if you already live in NY but you haven't tried this place.. TRY IT!
I wish Rice to Riches would come to SO CAL


  1. Got Rice?!
    Well, being Filipino I CANNOT live without rice no matter what. I"ll have to check this place out next time I'm in NYC.

    dela chic

  2. Rice pudding is delicious!!! I usually eat the ones from "making memories" lol

    re: I've been to Tokyo several times as well as Hong Kong and I'm planning to travel in about two weeks time but plans won't be finalized until a few days before I leave LOL So I'm really hoping I get to go >< *crosses fingers and toes*


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