Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekend in Norcal

Last month after Sunny's graduation, we went up to Norcal for Sunny's home church retreat. The theme was "His plan and not my plan." It was the perfect theme for us and it was so great seeing everyone :)
Here are some pictures from the weekend... the pictures are a bit blurry here and there :/

^^ I was team neon GREEN but i did not own any.. so i wore neon yellow the whole weekend

^^ Sunny in his shell bra.. and our lovely mama mai running into his boobs on "accident"
^^^ a bird flew out of no where and stayed there! So uncle Jackson decided to just interview him LOL
^^^ My lovely friend, Grace, who is in orange coordinated the whole retreat with Joanie. They did an awesome job! So I decided to poor some (as in bucket full) water on her.. But being who I am.. I totally got her iphone wet. Good thing it still works!
^^^ Jack fruit!

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