Friday, May 16, 2014


Wow.. It has almost been a year since I have posted in this blog! (how the time flies..)
It seems like the only time I can blog is during summer since I'm not in school...

A little bit of update:

  • I finished my 2L year of Law School! 
  • P1124 and now called (P1124+generosity gang) <-- soon to be changed, is growing!
    • Had multiple sales at different night markets and we're about to have a pop-up shop this sunday! 
  • My little brother, Joseph, is going to grad school for his PHD in SF! 
  • My two little sisters are going solid and doing what needs to be done in school!
  • Obama will be coming to my brother's graduation at UCI, which is crazy!
  • My dog, Louie, has been scratching alot.. and I have been scratching a lot... I dont know why...
  • I have a summer job at KIA! which is super exciting and there is a crazy story behind this.
  • My hair is short and brown-red ish
Now, I will start posting updated pics from the past to fill in the things that you guys have been missing out! 

Keep an eye out for new posts and have a great 100 degrees day! -___-

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