Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breaking News

I have currently lost my voice because I yelled out "LOUIS! COME INSIDE!" Like bazillion times.

I immediately texted my boyfriend after the tragedy..
             "I almost lost my voice yelling out Louis cause my mom freaked out and yelled out my name! (this currently does not make sense, but hold on..) Louis FEARLESSLY barked and tried to catch the beastly looking thing in our back yard, but my FEARFUL mom tried to "protect" Louis by calling out to me -_-. I run downstairs, and I yell out "Louis! COME IN!" like fifty times, but he didnt, and he continuously barked and tried to attack. So my dad quietly walks out, Louis comes in (finally) "tag team here" and my dad FEARLESSLY killed the beast and dumped it."

My puppy, cute litto puppy, was a brave soldier today. I always thought he was a scary cat, but he proved me wrong in my own back yard.


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