Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station in New York is absolutely AMAZING!
I just love the architecture, the ambiance, and the secrets in the Station.
Just knowing that hundreds of movies were filmed in there and for me to be in the same place is just amazing. The latest movie that I watched that filmed in the Grand Central Station was "Friends with Benefits." That movie was just hilarious and very cute, but anyways, I remember just talking about the scenes in the movie to my friends who traveled with me, and literally being in the same spot!

My highlight of visiting the station was their secret that they had in the building. I heard the secret from here, and it's basically about how the station has these arches where when one whispers from one end, the sound would travel across and the person across from the arch would be able to hear the sound from the other end!
It's really cool! you guys should try it when you visit the station!
It's the arches near here

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  1. Omg that secret is so cool! I will try to remember it if I go to NYC!!!

    re: I know what you mean about going some place foreign! I've got a trip lined up for next year and I really hope it happens ><! Is there any place in particular that you want to visit? =)


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