Monday, April 30, 2012

Museums in New York

When I was in New York in March, I visited two museums: The Guggenheim Museum and The New Museum.
Both were fantastic museums, where they both had different tastes and colors to it.
In the Guggenheim, the building was built in a spiral shape where the audiences were allowed to walk up the building in a circular way and as they walked, they were able to look at different arts on the walls. I really liked the Guggenheim because it had a lot of the famous artists' arts, such as Picasso.
I wasn't able to take more pictures of this museum, because cameras were not allowed after the first floor...

The New Museum! I gotta say.. This one was my favorite. Of course, I was actually looking forward to their modern art exhibition, but when I got there, it was gone, and the new exhibition called The Ungovernables was there.
I was really disappointed at first, until I saw the art pieces. The pieces consisted mostly of political views and propaganda, which I loved! I was actually moved by what the artists were trying to convey. For example, I got to watch one of the clips of an autistic lady speaking on behalf of all the autistic people. She was talking about how in this world, people view autistic people as the abnormal ones, because they did not think and speak like the majority. However, who are we to say certain way is the "right" way?

This really helped me to look at "life" differently in a way that I am in no place to judge or to determine what is right or wrong through my own naked eyes.

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  1. o0o0o0 The Guggenheim! I remember thinking this building was really cool too because of the spiral shaped but then in class we had to talk about the disadvantage of the shape -.- I would love to visit in the one in Australia! <3


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