Thursday, July 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes Photos from Napa

Here are the pictures that Joy Lin took for me and my boyfriend, while we had our photo shoot with urloved photography! Didn't they come out great?? 
Joy! you're a great photographer! Enjoy!

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    i like how we're both posting super late at night! Hahhaha :)
    I like this post and the pictures! Especially the picture where you and Sonsern are looking at each other smiling hahaha, too cute!

    As for the answers/reply for the comments you left on my blog :)
    1) My rabbit is like 8 or 9? He's super old but super cute cause he was one of the smaller ones :) My family used to have more but he's the last one.
    2) Thank you for noticing that I changed my layout! Thats why I love blogs, cause you can always re-customize the layout. Haha, most of my other friends just read my blog via google reader so they never notice! The font is SUPER cutesy huh? Hahhaha, jk jk. I'm thinking of changing it to an image though :)

  2. They Are great!
    I'm so glad you stopped by...your blog is lovely
    All the best

  3. thanks so much for coming by and leavin such a lovely comment. Your blog is GREAT!!!! You are gorgeous and I love these photos. YOu two are the perfect pair!!! xoxoxo Hanna

  4. The photos are super adorable!! I love the mustache shirt!!!


  5. Wowwww your dress is sooo gorgeous! You and your boyfriend are so cuteeeee :D


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