Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Urloved Photography

Urloved Photography is owned by two newly weds, Chris and Nang, whom specializes in engagement and wedding photography!
Yes, there may be many photography companies out there who takes "good photos," BUT CHRIS and NANG not only take good photos but they also believe in capturing the precious moments not the way "photographers" would see it but the way the bride and groom would see it. So, many times, they would go above and beyond people's wishes, which I can vouch for. This past week that I was away in Norcal, I had the privilege of witnessing their photography in action. They drove all the way to Napa, CA to find the perfect spots for their clients! (<-- see! above and beyond!)

Personally, Chris and Nang are such great people! So they would be great to work with!

Follow them on their new blog! 

Here are some of their pictures:

My boyfriend modeled for them :)


  1. Thanks for the awesome blog post!! :D

  2. Nice collection of photos....Urloved photography is really nice....Like your post.


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