Monday, July 23, 2012

Kingdom Culture

 Hello Readers!
I would like to introduce a non-profit organization called "Kingdom Culture". It was founded by one of my friends in UCI named Elliot Kwong, and he had started this business/culture to spread the love of Jesus in a modern way. This organization has spread like a wild fire not only in UCI campus but also in other campuses through out the states! One of their well known sweaters, "Rep the King" which means "reping" Jesus has been the greatest hit so far! But, this culture has not spread FAR ENOUGH and that is why we need YOU :) When you wear Kingdom Culture's clothing, you get to represent Jesus in a stylistic way and you immediately become a part of our Kingdom Culture~ 

If you're interested in supporting this organization, please visit HERE
Also, It will help a lot if you "like" their facebook page here!

Let's be a history maker!

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