Thursday, June 6, 2013

All you need is...

My Boyfriend (Sunny) and I didn't think that law school would be THIS hard..
Dating for a year and half, we thought we were strong, solid, and set. But we were wrong.. 

I started getting busy, selfish, and self-centered. I no longer had the time to spend some quality time with Sunny, and my life revolved around reading, writing, and networking. (<-- all law school stuff)
Fortunately, Sunny was able to deal with my craziness and accomodate his needs for my needs. But what we did not realize was that by not spending quality time with each other, we were slowly drifting apart. On top of this, I was slowly drifting away from God because I also did not spend quality time with him. 

As I was drifting apart from Sunny and God, I became vulnerable to any temptations and attacks. By the second semester of law school came along, I was physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained.

Law school then hit me hard.. Revealed all the insecurities (past, present, and even the insecurities i never thought i had). I also realized that I was a "people pleaser." I used to say during job interviews that my weakness is being a people-pleaser, but I said this (honestly) to tell the interviewer a weakness that does not make me look too bad.
But little did I know.. that truly was my weakness.

I broke down and I felt so low.. This brought my relationship with Sunny down.

But I am happy to say that God came through for us! Sunny was amazingly patient with me, he led me to see the truth through God. Through our struggles, we were able to grow stronger and cling on to God's words and promises.

I have realized that All we needed in our relationship was (of course LOVE and GOD) "commitment" and obedience to God.

So yes.. Law School broke me, but God put me back together for the better

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