Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am so addicted and so in love with this song!
This song is part of Hillsong United's new album called ZION.

Here's the story behind ZION:

"Why did you choose the title Zion?"[2]
From the outset, I felt like this was going to be a project that spoke simply and decisively of the story of God...of the sense of purpose and mission that comes from realizing where we fit in the picture. I'm convinced that we are not only redeemed, but we are redeemed and called into the story of God with a specific plan and purpose. This is why we undertook this project in the first place; not just to add another worship title to the catalogue, of to fulfill the project quota. In fact, it was the opposite; we did it because we believe that God is wild enough to entrust us with His song and His message, and use us to display it the best that we can to others. That's the call; we are going to answer it to the extent of our ability and a whole lotta faith. This is ZION; the city of God, the people of God...allowing the spirit to breathe His eternal and unshakeable kingdom in and through us as we simply trust and love Him. It's a completely ludicrous thought, but it's the truth, and the revelation of it has filled me with more passion, purpose and confidence than ever. ZION is not a hostage held for the future; it was established at the cross, and the cornerstone (Jesus) was laid down, so that we may triumphantly take our place in establishing the New Jerusalem, the new and now.
—Joel Houston of Hillsong United, CCM Magazine[2]
This song, Oceans, is all about faith and trusting in God. Exactly what I needed. It's way better when you read: Matthew 14:22-33 as you listen to the song.


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