Sunday, October 5, 2014

I found my wedding dress(?)

Today, me, my mom, and few of my girlfriends went to L.A. for wedding dress shopping. It was pretty draining to be honest. I had to try on millions of dresses and drive to different wedding shops. But in the midst of all the hardship, I am happy to report that I found my dress!

I'm going to custom make my dress! yippy! We figured out the pricing and decided that renting the dress actually costs more than making it. So, my mom suggested for me to get my dress custom made. How awesome is this?! My mom did her little bargaining with the nice lady, so she was able to agree on a reasonable price. My wedding dress make also agreed to make me a transformer dress! I'm going to have a dress that can change into different dress! She's going to make me a huge ball gown and a nice, small wedding dress!

^^^ Few Pics of the rental dresses.

^^^ My Wedding Dress Maker!

^^^ Fitting!

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