Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We are Engaged!

After three and very long months of dating, Sunny finally proposed! YAY! HOORAY! I have to admit.. I did nag Sunny about when he will be proposing for a month now.
So this is how it went down:
First, My mentor/incredible friend, Sandy, asked me out for dinner at the beach comer in Newport Beach. I was a bit suspicious at that time because when she asked me out, she kind of new which days I was free. However, I didn't allow myself to go that far and actually "expect" the proposal, because if Sunny didn't propose.. well.. that's just embarrassing and disappointing. But just in case, I did dress up slightly "nice" and I went out with Sandy to dinner. 
During dinner, Sandy seriously threw me off my suspicion by asking questions like, "So, when do you think you'll get engaged?" "When can I start telling people about you guys?" At this time, I was upset at Sunny because I was really convinced that he wasn't going to propose tonight. 

After dinner, Sandy led me to a trail down at the beach. If we made it to the trail on time (like before the sunset) it would have been gorgeous! But, it was pitch dark. In the middle of our walk, I realized that I lost my phone! I suggested to Sandy that we walk back, but Sandy insisted that we keep going and we can come back around to grab my phone. I was really confused at her reasoning, but I believed her. 

As we walked further, I started to see little ball of lights (poorly lit). As I got closer, I saw Sunny squatting in between lit up balloons! I was slightly shocked, but yet I expected it so not really. Apparently, Sunny prepared beautiful rose petals and 200 plus tealight candles along the petals. But.. only 4 candles survived, and rose petals were no where to be found because it was pitch dark. Sunny's photographer was unable to film or take pics of anything because it was so dark. I LOVEEDD THIS! (not the photographer part)

Romance is really not our thing, so when I saw all the romantic stuff was ruinned, I thought THIS was US. 

When I saw Sunny, the first phrase out of my mouth was: "WHAT THA HECK! (Smiley Face)" and then 'smack' on his shoulder.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. <---- I imagined this moment a billion times, and I really thought I would cry like a baby. I certainly did as I was imagining it in my head. However, when it actually happened, I did not cry one bit! I think this may have disappointed Sunny just a tiny teensy bit. 

After I said "YES," few friends and our photographer friend, Ryan, came out and congratulated us. We then drove to Sunny's place because my car was near there. 

As we drove in from the gate of Sunny's housing complex, I saw sparkles of lights. It was crazy! I freaked out as I drove through the lights. At first, I thought few of the high schoolers from our church came by to celebrate our engagement, but as I got out of the car and looked closely to each and every one of the faces, I saw Erin (my friend since Jr. High), Jane (my friend since High School), and etc. I saw friends who drove miles and miles just to celebrate our engagement! I started balling. 😭 

After I greeted my friends, I entered into the house. Oh My, Oh My! I was shocked! It was beautifully decorated with lights, balloons, signs, flowers, and food! I absolutely loveeddd every part of my engagement. Thank you Sunny! Thank you everyone!

Below are few of the pictures from the event:

^^^This was happening while Sunny proposed to me at the beach. I'm soooo grateful for all my amazing friends!

^^^This and many other signs were placed as I walked up to the main party area.

^^^Entered the neighborhood with this amazingness!

^^^Clearly showing off my ring.. Both rings, actually.

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