Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wedding 2 & 3

One Wedding is soooo Last Year. No, I'm Jk. We had way too many families and friends on Sunny's side, and different expectations as to how the wedding should look and be, so we had to split the weddings into two. This was a very low budget wedding, so we were able to make it happen. This wedding was very traditional: 
  • venue: church where Sunny grew up in 
  • food: Thai food (obviously!)
  • ceremony: Sunny's dad officiated; two mom's walking down and lighting the candle; Me, walking down with just my dad (unlike the first wedding, where I walked down with both parents).
I just wanted the wedding to be focused on the way Sunny's mom would want. Honestly, it wasn't easy trying to please all the adults, but by God's grace, it happened well!

We also had our THIRD wedding down in SoCal at our church called Newsong. It was just a reception, but we got to invite all the friends who we couldn't invite up to NorCal. We had tacos and amazing Korean food. Plus Crazy Dance parties! (I don't have any pictures from that night, so I couldn't post it...)

Oo! We had whole different sets of bridesmaids and groomsmen. This time, we got four "best men" and four "sisters of honor." Sunny chose his friends from home and I wanted to share this joy with all of my sisters. It was fun! I got to have two bachelorette parties and two bridal showers.

^^^Sunny's mom couldn't light up the lighter so my mom went over to help her. It was really cute!

Photo Cred: Ryan Kwong

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