Sunday, August 2, 2015

Super Moon Part 1 (Thailand)

After 5+ months of waiting (after our marriage), we finally got to go to our honeymoon! Hooray! For a couple who dated for 4 years and never travelled alone, it was one of the most exciting adventures we ever had. Getting to the LAX airport at midnight and boarding the INTERNATIONAL flight, were all dream come true! Sunny's ideal date (well.. before our honeymoon) was going to the airport and eating at one of the restaurants. LOL! He said that it made him feel like he was about to do something extraordinary. 

Although we had our two mini-moons, we were definitely excited for our SUPERMOON. This also encompassed my bar trip. We first flew to Korea for lay over to Thailand. ✈️ 

In Thailand, we went to: Bangkok → Phuket → Bangkok

^^^After 10+ hours of flying. Landed in Incheon International Airport in Korea. Waiting for the layover. Honestly, Korea has the best resting system for international travelers!

Bangkok: When we got to Bangkok, we were blessed to have stayed in an amazing hotel, which was pre-booked for us by our family friend. I don't have a picture below, but it was a suite that looked over the skyline of Bangkok. It was beautiful! 

^^^Our view from this amazing hotel!
^^^Our living room. Yes! This place has its own living room!
^^^And Laundry! COME ON!

^^^Face Mask is a must in this humid, hot land called Thailand.

^^^Auntie Aree treating us to a fancy Thai restaurant. Thank you for the amazing experience!

^^^Skewer heaven!

^^^I don't know why Sunny pointed at that thing but he was really fascinated by it. 

^^^My all time favorite dish in Thailand. Som Tum! (Papaya salad)

^^^ Met this lovely lady, Sophia, through a friend in Bangkok. She's just so full of love! She took us to a her favorite restaurant in Bangkok. Yum!

^^^This is how we traveled. LOL! In her little scooter.

^^^ My first try of roasted coconut. OMG! I was hooked! I had at least one coconut a day. I miss it so much! OO! And the picture to the right is Sunny's cousin. Isn't she the cutest?

^^^Thai Popsicle. It was just flavored water, but it is so so good in this weather.

^^^ Rode our very first TukTuk! 

^^^ OMG.. I was in tropical fruit heaven! Unlimited lychee, mangosteen, and etc. My favorite!

^^^Visited Newsong Bangkok. Newsong is a church that we go to and we have a branch in Thailand.

^^^Hotpot with our friend Sophia and her hubby! So cheap and delicious!

^^^Yup, we ate a lot.

^^^Eathai. It's a food court in one of the malls in bangkok where they allow you to experience variety of Thai traditional food.

^^^Waiting for the movie to start.

Phuket: We got to one of the top most visited place for honeymoon! We went during the rainy season so it wasn't too hot, but it was a bit hard to see. The islands were B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

^^^Our shelter and home for the next five days in Phuket.

^^^ Dr. Fishes. They eat your dead skin. It doesn't hurt but it feels really weird! 

^^^ The fruit market. YESSSSSSSSS!

^^^More Coconuts please!

^^^Lady boys asking to take pictures with my husband... -__-

^^^We are off to the islands! 

^^^ At Phi Phi Island. It was truly beautiful! But don't drink the water. Sunny got really bad virus. Of course, he didn't drink the ocean water on purpose. As he was swimming, he accidentally swallowed some... But still.

^^^On our way back from the islands. We had to buy raincoats because the combination of water from the ocean and the wind from the speed of the boat were just too painful.

^^^First room service experience. It was awesome!

^^^Couples thai massage was one of a kind experience.

^^^Look at my face! I was way too comfortable.

^^^I asked to have the meal with the Thai ladies because I didn't like the "American" styled food that the tour guides were serving.

^^^Other tourists wanted to take a picture with my husband just because...

^^^@ James bond Island

^^^How beautiful is that, right?

^^^We got to watch a show that explains about Thai culture along with cultural experiential things.

^^^Elephants are a big deal here.

^^^Touching and feeding the Oxs.

^^^Riding the riverboat to experience the floating market.

^^^This fake Thai prince here ran after us after our picture to take a pic with Sunny.

^^^Look at me! I'm hanging out with elephants!

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