Monday, August 3, 2015

Super Moon Part 2 (South Korea)

After Thailand, we flew to South Korea (my hometown). This was Sunny's absolute favorite place! He actually wanted to go to Korea more than I did. 

It was so good to be back in my hometown after 5+ years later. The place definitely changed. But what do I know? I was only a kid when I came to Korea. I'm pretty sure I got to see this beautiful country with whole new perspective.

We went to so many different cities in Korea: Seoul to Yeosu to Jeju Island.

Seoul: Capital city and heart of Korea. This is where everything happens! It was definitely Sunny's favorite place. We got to eat Korean BBQ literally every day! I mean look how happy Sunny looks! 

^^^ Korean A graded beef sashimi

^^^ This was our first meal in Korea with my aunt. Sunny's face never looked so happy.

^^^We had at least one popsicles or ice cream every day. It's seriously so good!

^^^We locked our love in Namsan Tower with the help from my cousin, Sukwon.

^^^ View from the Namsan Tower. Breathtaking!

^^^We also got so many delicious desserts in Korea!

^^^Lots of subway rides. This is one of the perks of Korea because we didn't have to drive at all! We personally don't like driving.

^^^We got our face drawn by this cafe owner in exchange for our donation to a good cause... But I slightly regret it. I mean.. do I look like that? I look so angry!

^^^ Any Korean drama fans out there? This cafe is the cafe that was filmed in "My Love from Another Star." It's in the scene where the main character is hanging out with his best bud, the lawyer. P.s. the coffee here was GREAT! (which is really hard to find in Korea) 

^^^One of the best spicy rice cake I have ever eaten. There's a flea market in Seoul called gwang jang shi jang. This place is famous for rows and rows of eatery. Famous people have gone through this place lots of times, so you will see lots of posters of different faces that you may recognize.

Jeju Island! SOOO pretty! I love this place! It's actually prettier than Phuket I must say. It's so green, and clean.

^^^ Dor-Harubang: this rock is iconic in Jeju. You can say that its Jeju Island's mascot. The legend has it that if a woman, who longs to get pregnant, rubs her hand on the rock's nose, then she can get pregnant. I did NOT touch it because.. I'm still young!

^^^Karguksoo aka handmade noodles. This noodle, unlike the other generic handmade noodles have seaurchin in it. It was seriously.. HEAVEN! Even sunny loved it and he still talks about it!

^^^My dear dear friend, Angel. She is literally like my sister. Oo how I missed her so much!

^^^At Jjim jil bang: Korean Spa. My favorite part is always eating! I think this is Sunny's favorite also.

^^^ This restaurant is a MUST! The owner goes out to the sea and catches whatever seafood he can find and puts it in ramen for you. It's super fresh and delicious!

Yeosu: This place is my true home town. I was born in Seoul but I lived here since I was 3 until like 12. I love this place!

^^^Took the train down from Seoul. It was Sunny's first time!

We got to visit the trick-eye-museum in Yeosu. There's plenty around in Korea, so if you ever get to visit, do stop by. It's a lot of fun and it's the perfect way to digest all your Korean bbq.

^^^We got to visit the mural town, where the whole town's walls are painted with amazing drawings!

If you're ever in Yeosu. You HAVE to try the seafood. I mean, that's what the city is known for! I grew up in Yeosu and lived near the beach, so I didn't know that being able to eat raw seafood was a delicacy!

^^^Yes Please!

^^^The green canned drink is Korean version of Sprite or 7-up. Before we came to Korea, Sunny was obsessed with this drama called my girl friend is a nine tailed fox. In that drama, the girl drinks a million of those drinks making Sunny want to drink it. So when he saw it in a random vending machine, he literally ran to it and got it. He was so happy!

^^^Rail bike. Sunny did all the work.

^^^This ice cream captured Sunny's heart. 

^^^Got to see my cousins.

^^^For those of you who know me, I'm a little dare devil. So when I saw this, I signed myself up to do it immediately! Just imagine: gliding across the Yeosu water. BEAUTIFUL!

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