Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Super Moon part 3 (Japan)

Last but not least, we went to Japan! It was so refreshing to land in Japan. The culture here focuses on being polite to one another. I was able to see this through the way the Japanese acted towards others and how clean the streets were! I mean, there are no trashcans found anywhere on the streets! Everybody just holds onto their trash until they get home. Apparently, this is done to prevent people from eating on the streets.

But lets now talk about the important stuff: FOOD! Japanese food is to die for. Ramen, soba, tempura, sushi!!!!! and more!

Tokyo: the heart and soul of Japan. This is where fashion people live and one of the busiest cities in the planet!

^^^One of the best coffees I have ever had! (I'm not a coffee expert.. so... I don't know how much credit you can give to me)

^^^Tokyo Tower!

We were desperately searching for the restaurant that you see below. It's a restaurant where you capture your own fish and they cook it for you. However, when we finally got to the restaurant, they told us that we had to make a reservation! So we quickly made a late night reservation and just went to the skewer place that we saw across the restaurant. Oh Man were we glad to have found that place. It was super cheap and SO GOOD!

^^^Darling restaurant where they don't let the customers eat unless you catch your own fish! I loved it! I mean, it only took us an hour to catch that thing!

Tokyo Disney! God really blessed with us with time and resources to go to Tokyo Disney for two days with just one day price. Disneyland in any country is just magical! I loved the Japanese one just because the food here was awesome. You get Mickey Mouse shaped curry bun! Come On! 

^^^It was raining towards the night time, but we didn't care!

^^^The time when we were treated like celebrities. We got to ride in a special people bus, and cut everyone in line.

Off to Osaka and Kyoto! If I could go back to Japan, I would actually go to Osaka and Kyoto over Tokyo. Osaka is known to be a place for the foodies, and Kyoto is just so beautiful!

^^^Can I just say that hands down best hotel service I have ever received!


^^^Walking along the lake in Kyoto to ride a little boat so that I can get some food from the river boat market!

^^^I am so happy!

^^^ Full and happy! Just came out from a traditional udon place. This place only gives you two strand of long and fat udon noodles.

^^^rows and rows of restaurants in Osaka!

^^^Bought our first knife here.

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