Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I passed the bar! Thank you Jesus

I am still in awe and in shock that I really DID pass the bar. I have been checking the state bar website about 100th times now. (this is not including Sunny checking the site on his own.) We have heard that sometimes the bar makes the mistake of telling a person that he/she passed the bar but then taking it back. Crazy! Right?

But Thankfully, I really did pass the bar! I have never felt so overwhelmingly accomplished in my life. Last three years of law school has been the hardest years of my life. Of course, there were lots of joyful events that happened during those years. For example, I got married! I'm just really glad that my hard, tear filled months of studying finally paid off. I studied like I never ever studied before. Sunny dropped all his obligations and commitments so that he can support me in any way that he can during that time. I'm truly so thankful to have such a supporting husband. What will I do without him?

Thank you everyone for believing me and supporting me through out this process. Thank you Jesus! I'm so ready to be an esquire now!

^^^Sunny prepared flowers for me! So sweet!

^^^Couple of lovely friends that came out to celebrate this amazing day with me!

^^^ I dedicate my success to this amazing husband of mine.

If you want to experience this moment with us, watch the video below!

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