Saturday, February 11, 2012

When my mind wanders

Photo cred: redmorninglight

I thought that having ALL THE TIME in the world would help me to accomplish many goals that I had set for myself when I was studying for the LSAT or applying to Law Schools.
BUT now that I DO have all the time in the world, I haven't accomplished much...
I still have to..
  • post one blog-post a day
  • re-decorate my downstairs room
  • read thousands of books
  • sew multiple clothing
  • knit many scarves and beanies
  • crochet random things
  • paint/draw
  • exercise a lot
  • meet up with thousands of people that I probably led them to feel neglected..
I don't know what it is.. Having a lot of time.. I guess gives me a lot more excuse to be lazy..

However, after realizing how I haven't accomplished much, I have decided to start moving things into actions. I will keep you posted on how productive I get!

photo cred: bella-illusione

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