Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boyfriend's Birthday Surprise part 2

Midnight surprise! All of the youth from his Thai Laos Church got together and surprised him at midnight!
We even made a sign with his a funny picture of him as an O (Sonsern is his name)
Although we were anticipating a great surprise from him, our surprise was ruined by us walking into his room, when he was in the bathroom -_-...
So his roommates were surprised, but not him.. O WELL!


  1. That's so sweet of you and his friends to surprised your bf! I also read your previous post about the flash light candles, cute!

    re: I treat my tumblr more like a photo diary. I personally think that the biggest difference between blogger and tumblr is that blogger is geared towards those who like to make diary or lengthy entries while tumblr is more like photo sharing. I rarely see people write long posts on tumblr but many people put together inspirational tumblr's by sharing other's photos etc. =) I hope this helps a bit >< If you want more details I'd be glad to help!


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