Monday, July 16, 2012

New Morse Code Necklace!

Following the Morse code Bracelet,
Morse Code NECKLACE  
is Out for SALE!

Just like the Bracelet, there will be 10+ colors available. But this necklace can be better than the Morse code bracelet, because you get to put longer personal messages in this beautiful~ thing!

Necklace is easier to wear, and it's less of a hassle if you are working or using your arms alot!

For the first 10 buyers, I will include one of the three styled bracelets!

Morse code bracelet will only cost $15

So hurry up and claim yours! If you are interested, please click on "shop" :)


<3 Julie

P.S. the Morse code necklace in the picture says "truth" 


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