Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boyfriend's Surprise part 3: Running Man

This was Definitely the MAIN surprise for his Birthday.
My boyfriend is in LOVEE with this Korean show called Running Man and in that show, they play a main game that is a mix of 'hide and go seek' & 'tag'.
Basically, my boyfriend was the person who had to tag or eliminate people by taking off other people's name tags, while other people (civilians) had to search for clues to eliminate my boyfriend. The twist to this game was that there were two spies who help my boyfriend, but their identities couldn't be revealed because if the civilians found out that they were spies, then they had the ability to eliminate the spies.
I know.. a bit complicating huh?
But because this show and game was my boyfriend's FAVORITE, I really wanted to throw him a running man party, and Thanks to EVERYONE who participated, this party was a SUCCESS!

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  1. how did you make the name tags, and how did you make it stick to the shirt?


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